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Agilus Consulting Group

Agilus delivers primarily project management and management consulting services within a cost-effective and flexible delivery model to help clients succeed.

There are many companies providing these IT services and consequently it’s difficult to know which company to choose. With Agilus, ours is a three-fold approach: innovativation, client satisfaction and results.

At Agilus, our role is to support and improve business. Whether it is application development or implementing a new technology that transforms our clients’ business environments, it is done to advance their business goals.

Agilus is based in Ottawa, and through alliances with other companies can support consulting engagements in Toronto and Montreal.

Project Management Services

When it comes to project management we know how to do it. Our Project Management practice is founded on best practices, sound business principles, and hands-on experience. Simply, this translates into surmounting obstacles, realizing objectives and project success. We understand that each organization has its own unique culture. We will adapt our services to best suit what you need. As ...

Management Consulting Services

Agilus Group Consultants provides management consulting services to all levels of government, as well as private industry. Agilus’s strengths are its extensive experience in delivering management consulting services, a knowledgeable team with a solid understanding of organizations, as well as its ability to deliver services from both a management and a technical perspective. Our ...